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There Once Was A Coastguardsman From Nantucket.....

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After USCG boot camp I was stationed at USCG Station Brant Point on Nantucket Island from 1986 - 1988. I wanted to leave a reminder of my time there without losing my A-School. I left the island before the station's US Flag was hoisted so I decided to fly my foul weather jacket. The first picture was taken after the raising (I did not salute nor did I take a knee) and the second image was taken while I was on the ferry making my escape from Brant Point. I know it wasn't anything bad rump or really impressive but it was kind of funny at the time. Besides, I was told to turn in my jacket before I left. Nobody told me where to leave it.


To quote Homer Simpson:


"There once was a man from Nantucket...but the stories about him are greatly exaggerated."



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Hahaha!....was your name inside the jacket?!....mike



Come to think of it, my name and Social Security number were inside.

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