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Blue pants, ccame with 1902 dress uniform

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I bought a 1902 officers artllery dress tunic, Massachusettes State buttons, and it came with these pants. I'm not sure the pants are correct for the tunic as the cloth color is a sky blue instead of the tunics very dark blue. Any ideas what tehy are and what they are worth?






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They are the correct trousers for wear with the high collar M1902 dress tunic and with the double-breasted M1902 full-dress coat.


General officers wore dark blue trousers. Dismounted officers of the infantry, artillery, cavalry and engineers wore sky blue trousers; mounted officers wore sky blue breeches.



The Regulations and Notes for the Uniform of the Army of the United States, 1902 prescribed as the dress uniform for officers a single-breasted sack coat of dark blue cloth or serge, with standing collar fastened with two hooks and eyes; coat to close with flap containing suitable concealed fastenings; slit not extending 3 inches for hooking up the saber; the skirt to extend from one-third to two-thirds the distance from the point of the hip to the bend of the knee, according to the height of the wearer; cut to fit the figure easily; a vertical opening at each side of the hip, according to pattern. The coat to be trimmed with lustrous flat black mohair braid 1 ¼ inches wide, as follows: Edged all around the bottom, the front edges, the collar, and for six inches upward from the bottom along both side openings of the skirt. Shoulder straps … and collar ornaments … will be worn with this garment.


This was nearly identical to the 1895 service coat, except for the fact that the collar was fastened top & bottom in the center.


Full-dress and dress trousers for officers of cavalry, artillery, infantry and engineers were identical: of sky-blue cloth with stripes 1 ½ inches wide, welted at the edges; the color of the stripes to be that of the facings of the respective corps or arms. Officers of the Corps of Engineers not attached to the engineer battalions were to wear dark-blue cloth trousers with the addition of a stripe of scarlet cloth 1 ½ inches in width with a piping of white cloth 1/8 inch in width.


For officers of cavalry, artillery, infantry and engineers when mounted, full-dress and dress breeches of the same material and with the same colored stripes as their full-dress trousers were worn.


Black shoes (or boots) were worn with the full-dress and dress uniform.


The M1902 dress and full-dress uniforms were discontinued from 1917-1929, then worn again from 1929-1936.

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