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Oxygen mask info needed

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Yes, the mask worn in post #23 is the A-10R (revised). Those photos are dated May 4, 1945, from Bombing Squadron 4, Operational Training Unit Number Two, which was doing photographic reconnaissance training at Jacksonville, Florida. Although the subject is fitted with the oxygen mask and an electrically heated suit and gloves for high altitude flying, the plane was actually still on the ground. In an uncropped version of the last photo, you can see the PSP runway below it through the camera port.


In post #21, I believe those are also A-10R masks, although it is hard to say with 100% certainty.


Two definite sightings of the A-9 in USN / USMC service that Dustin found in the National Archives are shown below. First, with VF-5 aboard USS Yorktown (CV-10) in October of 1943, worn by ENS Taylor and then an unidentified USMC Corsair pilot.




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