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Named B-10


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As is my habit, I was trolling eBay and came across this B-10 listing. Not much detail in the listing but I noticed what look like stenciling on the front. It was also by a manufacturer I don't have so I kept an eye on it. There are a number of B-10s on eBay at the moment but they are asking way too much with the lowest price being almost $1300. Not gonna happen with this kid. But the one I was watching had a starting bid of $49. Ended up getting it for about 1/4th of what the next lowest priced B-10 was.


Got it home and much to my happiness the stenciling was a name and the laundry number was on the inside of the jacket. A bit of digging and it matches a B-29 crewman who flew 30 bombing and 3 PW supply missions over Japan.


Score one for this old man :) Figuring on enjoying the research into his story as much as the jacket :)




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That is a beauty. I am just finding out that a B-10 is what I need to make a B17 bomber crew flight suit that I want to make up to honor a buddy of mine.

I am seeing alot of reproductions . Is there any online information that will help in identifying a real from a repro easier ?


Semper Fi


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