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Unknown Revolutionary war powder horn

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I believe they are called dingle stocks! Most of them actually come from France thats were they got a lot of use! Only reason I know this is because I used to know an old antique dealer who went to France every year on a picking trip and he always had interesting old items, one or two years he came back with one of these! or maybe the holder for a dingle stock not entirely sure but I am pretty sure something along those lines! Defiantly not military related

Please Remember the Following Service Members who have passed on!


Manley S Webb- 1925-2006 US Navy WW2

James W Boutilier - 1921-1983 US Navy Seabees WW2

Russell W Haight - 1876-1953 Spanish American War, Cuban Pacification, Mexican Border War NYNG

Lt Colonel William H Warren 1921-2014 USAF

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