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WWII & Korean Marine Grouping KIA Chosin Reservoir


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This grouping belongs to SSgt Edward F. Schafenacker. I don't have ancestry anymore, but from the limited searches it sounds like he was in the 3rd Amphibious Corps in 1943 and possibly the 15th Marines in the 6th Marine Division at the end of the war.



In between the wars he was a Fort Wayne Indiana Police officer and also became a Free Mason in 1947.


I'm guessing he was recalled for Korea and I found this online.


Staff Sergeant Schafenacker was a member of Company I, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was seriously wounded while fighting the enemy in Korea and died of those wounds on December 8, 1950 at the Chosin Reservoir.
What is so neat about this grouping is how complete it is. It looks like they took most of his possessions and boxed them up. It also contained a 2nd grouping to a Richard R. Schafenacker who looks like he was a Sgt in the Inantry in the Pacific. I'm guessing Richard was Edward's brother, but I don't know for sure.
Here is the start of the group. There will be a lot of posts as this is a pretty big grouping.



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These are the tags from his foot locker. His foot locker pics will be coming up, but it looks like he wrote his info on the footlocker and someone else wrote KIA and circled it. :(




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The white cover for his Blues. The black shorts have Japanese writing on them. His old civilan hat he probably wore. The bag in the lower right is named to him, anyone know what it is? I don't recognize it.



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Inside the first aid pouch is the last four of Richard's service number. The cartiage belt is not marked other than Long 1918. But it looks NOS.



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