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Canteen cup pre-WW1?

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I found cup in my collection with out date.


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Is it pre-WW1 cup with omega metal?

Is it AGMCo or RIA mfg?

What the subtitles mean?


Many thank you for your help



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IIRC, early cups had a raised rim, kind of a hump.

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Hello ! from France


I hope help you with comparison between an early 1910/ 12 R.I.A cup and ,1913/17 R.I.A made , each is no marking.

Somes differences can be seen : the "head's" of rivets is more wide

on early cup

: the stamping is more "square " , more angular on early cup.


: the two small's "ear" for looked handle is stamp at 90°.


: the rear side is no too "concave"


: the rolled brim is more small .



Is based only on observation of some cup of my collection 1910 to 1918 dated cup.



best regards and merry christmas .








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