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WW II airbattles

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Over 10 years ago, posted this question on another site, but have lost track of it now. While looking at various actual gun camera footage from WW II in Europe, many times the view contains villages and towns in the sites, even though the battle can be at high altitude. I had wondered about civilian damage from those fights, people being killed from extreme distances by airborne combat. On my original post I got several answers back from folks that were kids in that era, and they said everybody hid. One person said he remembers a round going through his house, but one of the big problems was the shell casings raining down. So thought I would revive this question here. Anybody have info or stories on where all that ammo went when it missed the target of opportunity and a town was the backdrop?

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Yes, thatꞌs the problem the historians do not want to discuss about. For them this is completely abstract thing. They think the air combats took place without any consequences on the ground and for the civilians.


Before WWII my grandfather was an air warden in 1939 but what is more he was a pre-WWII businessman of real estate sector and an owner of numerous rent houses. As he mentioned, the air combats over his city (including both AAA and fighter planes gunfire) were devastating at least for the roofs of buildings and their highest floors.


It would be hard to believe that the air combats over occupied territory killed nobody on the ground. In 1945 my father and grandfather saw on the ground the same things after air combats as in 1939.

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