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Looking for casing for LPU-40

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Anyone know where to get one? With the zipper pull would be nice.


(I already got a quote for brand new, $370.00ish.)

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Ive never seen just the casings for sale on the open market, only chance at getting one is from Capewell Aerial. Maybe if you know anyone from an ALSE shop in the Army or Army guard you might be able to snag one. Ill assume you got one of the bladders cheap online. A few years ago there was a bunch of complete new in bag LPU-40s for like 79 bucks. I have a collection of the Air Warrior flotation collars ranging from the OD Green LPU-39 from the test phase, Woodland Camo LPU-39 from the Gen I, UCP pattern from the Gen II which is like a cross between the LPU-39 and LPU-40 and then the later actual UCP LPU-40. Would like to find a OCP Multicam casing and put one of those bladders in it. Ive inquired about the OCP and never got a reply.


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