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Opinions on 5th Brigade USMC helmet

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I've never known what to think about these, and was wondering what the experts opinions were on this one. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




Thanks, Gene





“The English fight for Honor, the French for Glory, but the Americans fight for Souvenirs!"


Roy S. Durstine, 1918

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Honest first impression: I'm suspicious. The paint just doesn't look right to me. Rather fresh looking; but it would help to see it in hand.




Always interested in the 166th Infantry, 42nd Division, A.E.F.

Quality WW1 studio portraits and real photo postcards of Distinguished Service Cross recipients; showing steel helmets; or other interesting content.

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Yah me too. Curious about how the red seems to be chipped at the top yet the black eagles head seems to still be there. Hard to tell whats going on there. Plus the guy kinda makes me suspicious when he says at one time he thought it was fake but now beleives it to be real then says guaranreed to be as described which means nothing..,

David Turman

Semper Fi !

"Not as Lean, not as Mean, but still a Marine!"

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I will be the dissenting vote. I like it.


Advanced Collector and USMC Officer --- Paying top dollar for quality Marine Corps antiques. Kepis, shakos, helmets, hats, good conduct medals, old photos, fighting knives, hat and collar emblems, swords, guns, documents. Keep your USMC item in a Marine Corps family! Send me a PM and let me know what you have....





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