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"Give me a UB and a Whiskey"


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Shortly after coming ashore in Shanghai, Steve McQueen, as Machinist Mate Jake Holman, stops in a dingy bar and asks for a "UB and a Whiskey".....a UB being a beer brewed by Shanghai's Union Bewery. This Brewey dominated the Shanghai market, even though they had a number of competitors. Served at all the Marine Clubs within the city (at 40 cents MEX....20 cents US money) and popular with sailors of the Asiatic Fleet UB made a Pilsner, a larger and a dark beer. Well much to my surprise one of these popped up on eBay and I had to pick it up. I had several original labels from a Marine's scrap book, so I added one....anyway, can't be many of these to survive.....and I can use it to add to a China Marine display I am building.




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