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Looking for great uncle info/helmet USMC


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Looking for more information on my great uncle Nolen M. Garret. MCSN 334563

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Iwo Jima. Section Leader MG platoon Company D 2nd Btn. 27th Marines 5th MD


He brought back his service gear here to New Mexico, for lack of interest I was inheriting these items. His uniform/combat gear and helmet disappeared and were pawned off before I was able to get them-I only have his canteen and belt left.


If anyone runs across this Marines helmet please let me know I would like it back in the family and will purchase it.


Thank You

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You're welcome. Your Great-Uncle received the nation's second and third highest military decoration one can earn for valor in combat. I'm sure you're proud of him, and I wish you the best in obtaining back some of his personal items. May he rest in peace. Semper Fi

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So, a couple of questions, all of which are intended to add information that may help in finding his items:


He passed ten years ago, what efforts have you made previously to locate his items?


You mention they were (quote) pawned. Were you being literal? Specifically, if they were really pawned, there is a chance - more remote after 10 years - to track them down through the pawn shop. While reputable shops will not give you customer information, if properly incented - cash - they night be willing to contact the buyer if known.


Have you seen these items, or just suspect they existed? As you seem to be most keenly interested in the helmet, what can you tell us about it? Is it named? Have initials? Any distinguishing characteristics? Did it have a cover on it? There are thousands of these helmets in the market, so anything you can tell, us would be helpful. Maybe, on some off chance, someone in the family has a picture of it?


Sorry for all the questions, but if you are serious about trying to find any of these items, it is going to take some leg-work and more information. Also, I would add that a positively ID’d helmet to a Navy Cross recipient is going to be expensive - meaning likely $1000+.

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I've tried to find it locally via ads in Hobbs nm. I say pawned but I can't be for sure, the family was moving some antiques out of a barn after he passed and was using hired help. A lot of things went missing , including his helmet. The helmet exists 100% . It has damage to the upper right of the front center wear a round was caught. He was saved by a pack of cigarettes he had strapped to the helmet, he told the family this all the time. He initialed all of his gear N.G. - I believe the liner has his MSCN # and initials or last night if I remember right. There was no cover .


I have a photo of him posing with the helmet in black and white somewhere in the pacific and thats really it as far as I know but I will ask .


I am an avid m1 helmet collector I'd be willing to pay what its worth to get it back .


I am going to check a local museum in the area I just learned about recently that supposedly has an exhibit where he is mentioned. If it turns up there I am probably out of luck- but the family is pretty sure the helmet was taken by the movers years ago.


I know its a rare chance to see it again but figured I'd try.

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Definitely worth the try...


We once had a member here find his long lost Great Uncle's Good Conduct Medal on eBay by chance. Another member's father was on Tarawa. 50 years later, he received an email, a man who was visiting Tarawa had found a mess kit washed up on the beach with a name engraved. It was the member's fathers. Strange things happen

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