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Party Suits Korat 553rd Reconnaissance Wing and Brother Amarjit

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.Thanks for the comments.


That's the last of the Party Suit photos.

Next a giant box of slides over 30lbs.

If anyone is selling a slide scanner pls let me know.


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That's a great shot in post #29 of Steve Richie and Chuck DeBellevue with their MIG kills displayed. Chuck would add 2 more to his tally.



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Thanks for the reply's and the pic. Never noticed the scarves.

Now I have something else to keep my eyes opened for at estate sales

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nguoi tien su
On 12/12/2018 at 6:19 AM, crater said:



Great thread!

This one looks like a 56th SOW, Waterpump party suit. 

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On 12/8/2018 at 1:15 PM, gwb123 said:

Party suits for female officers are hard to find. Party suits for wives and sweethearts seem to be more common.

Yes, that has to be true--during my time at Korat RTAB--somewhat later than these pictures--there were only TWO female officers and NO wives.  LOTS of sweethearts, I believe.

As stated below, great shots of the F4 guys.  I had never seen the MIG kills on a party suit, but again, I was there later Aug 75 until Apr 76 and then went to U-Tapao RTNAB.

Thanks for the pictures!


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