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Army Wool Transport Peacoat Mackinaw

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I posted this in a different section for identification now that it has been. I figured I would post it here for reference, as there seems to be very little on these army peacoats that's not in japanese. Hopefully it will help someone if they find one as they're not very obvious.


The coat has a stenciled name on the inside.


The constitution is kersey wool just like a issue peacoat, it has no hand warmers , the inside lower portion has a material similar used to line peacoats and the lower back pockets on the rear of the coat has the same material.




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The lower pockets on the back are solely used as game pockets in hunting jackets. I'm inclined to say this is a civilian model of a wool logger jacket.


They did make military issued version of these jackets in the 30s, however they were made out of canvas and had snap buttons. There were also no game pockets, and the cape was lower at the base of the jacket, as there were no game pockets.


I've can't recall ever seeing these game pockets used on a military jacket, so the fact those are there, make me question this isn't just a mistaken version of the army mackinaw, which was made out of wool, but had two lower pockets on the front, no double cuffs, etc.

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I believe you are mistaking your jacket for this which would have a spec tag

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