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VB-305 Vet - missing items


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I know this is a shot in the dark but my great-grandfather was a tail gunner apart of VB-305 in the Pacific in 1944. He was WIA and spent the rest of the war in a hospital. My aunt has his PH but that is the only thing from his service we have as I believe he either lost his uniforms or they just disappeared over the years. If anyone finds any uniforms or other items named to James Allen Fry SN:3936020 I would love to have them back and I would be willing to pay money to get them back. A forum member sent me flight logs and mission reports from a few missions he was but hasn't told me where he got them. I researched everywhere from Ancestry to emailing the Naval flight museum library and no one else has the logs so if someone could give me more information on where these records are I would really appreciate it.



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