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Pineapple Army DUI of the Interwar Hawaiian Division 1922-1941

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15th Coast Artillery Regiment (HD) - LITTORE SISTIMUS - We Take Our Stand On The Shore. Harbor Defenses of Pearl Harbor, Fort Kamehemeha, T.H.


Along with the 16th Coast Artillery, it manned the Harbor Defenses of Pearl Harbor and other fortified sites on Oahu, Hawaii from 1924 until broken up into battalions in August 1944 as part of an Army-wide reorganization


Description - A Gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/32 inches (2.62 cm) in height overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Gules, a chevron paly of eight Argent, of the field (Gules), Azure and repeated, the ordinary fimbriated Or. Attached below and to the sides of the shield a Gold scroll inscribed “LITTORE SISTIMUS” in Blue letters.
Symbolism - The shield is red for the Artillery and the chevron is in the colors of the old royal Hawaiian flag, which also appeared in the arms of the Coast Defenses of Pearl Harbor. The motto translates to “We Take Our Stand On The Shore.”
Background - The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 15th Coast Artillery Regiment on 17 April 1925




15th Coast Artillery 001.jpg

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15th Coast Artillery Regiment (HD) - LITTORE SISTIMUS - We Take Our Stand On The Shore. Harbor Defenses of Pearl Harbor, Fort Kamehemeha, T.H


Constituted 2-27-24 and organized 7-1-24 by redesignating 185th, 125th, 91st, 143rd, 184th, 86th, & 95th Cos, CAC, at Ft. Kamehameha. 1st Bn HHB constituted but not activated. The regiment had regimental HHB, 1st Bn HHB, and six firing batteries, but only regimental HHB and Btrys A, B, & C were activated prior to WWII. 2nd Bn HHB and Btrys G, H, & I were constituted 2-4-32, but not activated until WWII.
1st & 2nd Bn HHBs and Btrys D, E, & G were activated at Ft. Kamehameha 8-1-42. On 5-22-43, Btry F was activated with personnel of 805th CA (HD) Btry (Sep) at Salt Lake and Btry H at Ft. Kamehameha from 803rd CA (HD) Btry (Sep). On 5-29-44 15th CA assumed all CA defenses on the South Shore of Oahu and absorbed most of 16th CA (HD) Regt’s elements on the South Shore. The batteries of the 16th CA became detachments of the firing batteries of the 15th CA.
On 8-15-44, the 15th CA Regt was inactivated and disbanded, its personnel reassigned to the 15th CA Gp and 53rd & 54th CA (HD) Bns (Sep).
N.S. Meyer screwback and pinback

15th Coast Artillery 002.jpg

15th Coast Artillery 003.jpg

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41st Coast Artillery (Railway) Regiment, Fort Kamehameha, T.H.


Constituted 1-15-21 in Hawaiian Dept. as the Hawaiian Railway Bn. Activated 12-22-21 at Ft. Kamehameha. Initially composed of Bn HHD and Btrys A & B, formed by reassigning personnel of 3rd & 6th Cos, CD Honolulu. HHD and Btrys A & B additionally designated 198th, 199th, & 200th Cos, CAC, 6-20-22. Additional designations abolished in the CAC reorganization of 7-1-24 when 1st and 2nd Bn HHBs, Service Btry, and Btrys C & D were constituted, but not organized or activated. Hawaiian Railway Bn redesignated 41st CA (Ry) Regt at this time. HHB 41st CA (Ry) Regt inactivated 6-30-31. Administrative control of Btrys A & B assumed by HHB 15th CA (HD) Regt, 7-1-31 to 2-4-32, when HHBs 1st and 2nd Bns redesignated HHD, 1st and 2nd Bns and 1st Bn HHD organized to operate Btrys A & B at Ft. Kamehameha. Btry E was constituted 2-2-32, but not activated. 41st Arty, CAC, reconstituted and consolidated with 41st CA (Ry) Regt 10-17-36. Btry C activated 11-14-41, but personnel detached to 15th CA 12-7-41 and did not rejoin the battery. Additional personnel joined the regiment early 1942.
The 41st CA was augmented when 1st Bn HHB and Btrys A & B, 52nd CA (Ry) Regt, arrived Honolulu 1-7-42. Btry B, 52nd CA, was inactivated at Cp. Ulupau, TH, and transferred back to Ft. Hancock, less personnel and equipment, while the personnel reactivated Btry C, 41st CA. When Btry A, 52nd CA, was inactivated at Ft. Kamehameha, its personnel activated Btry D, 41st CA. On 3-6-42, 41st CA (Ry) was expanded to a regiment. HHB was activated 4-10-42 with personnel from HHB 1st Bn, 52nd CA (Ry) and HHB 2nd Bn, 57th CA (TD) Regts; Btry D, 16th CA (HD) Regt; and HHD 1st Bn, 41st CA. Also activated was 2nd Bn HHD, 41st CA.
The regimental organization lasted just over a month. Btry B, 41st CA, was inactivated, half its personnel activating Btry F, 16th CA, the other half reassigned 810th CA (HD) Btry (Sep). By the end of May 1942, the sole active elements of 41st CA were 1st Bn HHB, operating Puu-O-Hulu Gun Group on Oahu’s southwest shore; Btry A, manning the railway guns at Browns Cp.; and Btry C, at Cp. Ulupau (renamed Ft. Hase), providing details for various other organizations in HD Kaneohe Bay
June 1942-April 1943.
The 41st was redesignated a HD regiment at Ft. Hase 5-22-43, with HHB at Ft. Hase, Btry A manning railway guns at Browns Cp.; Btry B reactivated at Btry Oneula with personnel from inactivated 808th CA (HD) Btry (Sep), and Btry C manning 8-inch guns at Ft. Hase, reinforced with three officers and 75 men from inactivated 804th CA Btry transferred from the South Shore. Btry D, reactivated by redesignating 809th CA Btry, manned the 8-inch turrets of Btry Brodie on Oahu’s North Shore. Btry E, activated with personnel of 810th CA (HD) Btry (Sep), manned the 8-inch naval turrets at Opeaula, also on the North Shore. 2nd Bn HHB and Btrys F, G, & H were activated in the summer of 1943. Early in 1944, the various elements of 41st CA were concentrated in HD Kaneohe Bay and North Shore, a newly combined command. On 5-29-44, 41st CA inactivated at Ft. Hase, its personnel reassigned to 16th CA (HD) Regt and 831st, 832nd & 852nd CA (HD) Btrys (Sep).



41st Coast Artillery 001.jpg

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