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1940 Popular Science Monthly: Mechanics & Handicraft

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:rolleyes: January and February 1940 issues of "POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY: MECHANICS & HANDICRAFT." Look at the wonder artwork on the front cover of the January 1940 issue showing an anti-aircraft crew that almost look like German soldiers in olive drab rather than traditional grey-green tunic and grey trousers/breeches. The title of the artile is "FIGHTING THE AIR RAIDERS." Could these be Dutch soldiers in The Netherlands? Most, if not all of the mainstream publications in the Second World War contained articles as well as ads with a military theme. We shall attempt to acquire such magazines to scan and show here in THE U.S. MILITARIA FORUM. :rolleyes: Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California. [Contact me at: hhbooker2@yahoo.com and let us work together on projects like this, will will receive full credit, of course!] :rolleyes:


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think.gif Page 2. Contents for January 1940: Page 57) Making An Army Flier. Page 102) Fighting the Air Raiders. Page 114) Q-Boats: An Answer to Submarines.


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