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Resizing pics

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I have no problem on other sites posting pictures. What gives here?

Same question. This site is losing out on a lot of interesting, historical images, I frequent another site and post some of my " stuff" as a "back up" in case I lose my iPad, my only means of taking pictures.
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Have you tried Outlook to resize your pictures?


This is the way I go about it: I store my pictures (the ones I want to post) in a special folder. Whenever I want to post a picture I right click on that picture and select copy to e-mail. When you do this you can select the size you want your picture to be (smaller, small, normal, big). I select small and the resized picture in question is attached to a new e-mail (You don't even have to send the e-mail) I then copy that resized picture to my folder again. Now the picture is ready to be uploaded to the forum. Works everytime for me.




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