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Fixed bails helmets used in vietnam?

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Fixed bails were used up to 1985 until the M1 was replaced by the Kevlar. My surplus shop owner here in Canada mentioned he was issued a fixed bail in the 80’s with a Vietnam liner, he was super happy to get a new Kevlar because the liner didn’t fit well in his M1 and had to duct tape them.


Some our forum vets remember fixed bails during their time in service; to the military an M1 was a piece of gear and no one cared about bails or manufacture dates.


A fixed bail in Vietnam would not be a surprise.





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Fixed loops most certainly were seen during the Vietnam era. I just purchased a fixed loop helmet with original brass hardware directly from a Nam veteran (USMC Captain) and it has a 1950s liner with WWII sweat band and nape strap. Will post pics when I get it in my hands.

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Fixed loops continued to be used into the 90s on nvy ships


Fact! I saw many! I didn't know the collecting terminology as to which versions, but did know there were many WW2 helmets on my ship..you could tell real quick as they were taller on the head when worn.







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I had come across a number of fixed bails when I was in during the early 1980's. Nobody wanted those types because they didn't flex. Many were broken due to sitting on them in the field. Boy if I knew then what I know now, sheesh.


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