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My 1/6 parking lot

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I had these in box's in my garage for years so I thought I would take them out and look for damage. I started buying these when they came out. Almost all of them were repainted and decals added. I wish I more room to display them.




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Very impressive collection. My son has a few of them



Leigh, I was doing some looking on line and most of the places I would go to for after market items are gone. Is your son doing the upgrades?

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No not any more. Many of the vehicles were bought when he was a kid. But we have most of the boxes and all the components... maybe someday he will pass them on to his children..



"Pain is only Weakness Leaving the Body"

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr
US Army (Retired)






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Really neat items. Who was making them?

21st Century toys, Dragon in Dreams and GI Joe all came out with items after Saving Private Ryan came out. That was the first time since the original 12 inch GI Joe's were sold that you could buy 1/6 scale items. I was so impressed with the amount of detail compared to the older GI Joe toys I had as a kid that I grabbed what I could. Many company's popped up selling upgrades and even more detailed items. Those were the days.

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