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Civil War Bowie knife?

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Happy Thanksgiving guys. I bought this knife at a yard sale several years ago. A guy who supposidly is knowledgeable on the topic of vintage knives told me it might be a civil Swar era bowie knife. I'm not sure he knows as much as he claimed. Would any of you be able to give me any info on it? I only paid a dollar for it so I'm not out anything if it turns out not to be what he said. Thanks. Steve




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A bowie knife without a guard is darn near a butcher knife :)


Google searches for CIVIL WAR BOWIE KNIFE turns up a huge amount of knives, seemingly no two alike, but 99% seem to have guards.


If you google ANTIQUE "TRADE KNIFE" you see a lot like yours.


It's worth more than a buck whichever.







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