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Special Forces and 20th Air Force Ike

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I have been trying to make additions to my uniform collection by adding Ike jackets since I previously only had one example in my collection. I recently found a really nice early special forces Jacket and a 20th Air force jacket on eBay to add to my collection. I can not tell whether the Special Forces Ike is for the 10th or the 77th SFG because from what I have found on hte forum it seems that both wore the same oval and unfortunatly the laundry tag has provided no results yet. I am a little sceptical of it because I think the price was too good to be true but the patches seem to be correct cut edge and it even had two extra ovals in the pocket. Only downside is it smells so hevily of smoke that I can hardly stand to be in the same room as it.





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The other uniform is an unnamed 20th Air force jacket. It is dated 1946 but despite not having a ruptured duck I beleive would have been worn by a WW2 vet because they have an Pacific Theator ribbon with 2 stars on the ribbon bar. Despite a few moth holes I think this is a nice first Army Air Corps uniform to add to my collection with a Guam shoulder patch and a garrison cap with a 20th Air Force DUI.





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