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My hand-embroidered 349th Bomb Squad patch - 4" Mickey Mouse and Pluto dropping bombs


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Here is one of my recent patches . . . hand embroidered, no machine used! Just me and a needle! This is a 4" patch for the 349th Bomb Squadron. Features Mickey Mouse riding Pluto and dropping bombs. I've wanted to do a Mickey patch for ages! This is actually being done as a trade. I am going to sew it onto a circle of the brown, creating a small rim so that it can be worn and only sewing onto the rim. The photo of the back is from when I was just finishing the rim on the bottom of the cloud. So, not much changed, but I haven't taken a new pic of the back.


This has over 20 hours of work in it.





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Another great example of your outstanding work, Elizabeth! Mark the back "made by ........" so down the road a collector won't get the wrong idea! Keep 'em coming! Bobgee

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Thanks, Guys! Actually, I make a little Made By tag for my patches. this one is actually going to be mounted on a slightly larger brown wool piece, so that the wearer can sew on the rim, rather than on this patch. I'll attach the tag to that. :)

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Thanks! No, this isn't my first. Actually this is about my 20th embroidered and/or appliqued patch repro.


Here was my first patch ever:



Here is another I did last Christmas:



A pair from last year:


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Just to finish . . . here are what I've done the most of, as everyone seems to want these!






That gives you a nice cross-section! Right now I am working on a 5" patch of the 336th Rocketeers. :) I love doing the patches, but don't ever need patches myself. Most of these have been presents for forum members or done on commission or for trades! :) I just love hand-sewing! :)

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