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100th Division medical Sergeant grouping


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I picked this grouping up last month. It’s also listed in the spoils of war section.

Sergeant Melvin Matchinski was a member of the 100th Division 66th medical Regiment 565th Ambulance Company. I was lucky enough to win this group on Gunbroker. It consisted of his bring back weapon a CZ Model 27 with spare mag and capture papers, dog tags, Army hat, good conduct medal named to him, 100th Division patch and medical collar disc’s, German made DI, period photo of him and lastly the original box that his medals were sent to his home in Chicago. What’s really interesting is his assignment after the war. He was stationed at the 130th Station Hospital in Heidelberg Germany. This is the hospital that General Patton was taken to after his accident and subsequently died. Sergeant Matchinski was there during the same time frame. Maybe, one of the ambulances pictured actually transported the general? One of my favorite grouping.



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Nice Grouping. The leather holster looks in mint condition.


Thanks Wahooman! The holster was added to the grouping. Its a local gun show pick up and it dated 1941. I bought it for $125.

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