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VF-92 Silver Kings CO helmet

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Just recently aquired an APH-6 that belonged to a CO from VF-92 Silver Kings.

The set up and artwork makes me think of a mid till late 60's time frame.

(Mask came with the helmet, but is not correct for F-4 use)


Unfortunately there is no name to be find on/in the helmet.


Does anyone have an idea who used it or when it might have been used?






(second image in the next message)

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It is a Commanding Officer helmet (CO on the back). If there is a production date you could cross reference that with a unit roster which would narrow it down to a couple of guys.


The helmet seems to be of early 60's manufacturing (and upgraded after that) So I would aim for mid to late 60's.

Possible candidates:

  • 1964/1965 Rawsthorne
  • 1966/1967 Rogers
  • 1967/ Rough
  • 1968 Remsen
  • 1969 Hogan

The mask that came with it (not for F-4 use) had a 1958 production date.




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Take a good peek under the visor cover...sometimes there is a name under there. Those old plastic label strips sometimes leave a ghost behind as well...and can be seen under the reflective tape.


Unfortunately, nothing to be found.

Well, we might never know. Cruise Books also don't give a clue.




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Nice set, I'm a big fan of the APH series USN/USMC stuff from that era.



It is a nice era indeed! Lucky to have a flight suit from the same unit (1972 dated, so a bit later)


Part of the name has been removed sadly enough.





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