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My AEF Collection


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Good day all,


As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the armistice ending the Great War, I presumed this would be a good time to present my AEF collection. I have posted images of my collection here in the past, however, since then, my field of collecting narrowed greatly to include only the First World War, my first true collecting interest. I have also gone on to completely rebuild my collection room, so essentially what I present here is virtually all new.


I am sure the displays will change as time goes by, since the desire to collect rarely comes to an end; there are many fine Great War US artifacts out there and I am trying to get as many of those as possible...


Anyway, all comments are welcome and greatly appreciated




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Very impressive and very well done. It's fun to think that this great display is inside a "regular" house between Garden City and Yaphank!!


Thanks for the compliment and, yes, Brian, squarely between Camp Mills and Camp Upton...!

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