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After watching "The Pacific" many times and reading all the smaller books about the 1st Marine Division I finally splurged and bought a first edition copy of "The Old Breed" (McMillan).

I'm only just getting into it, but I'm enjoying it. It's so far got a lot of interesting facts I never knew, for example, they had barely more than one month from the time they were ordered to invade Guadalcanal to the invasion date. That they managed that is in itself is an amazing accomplishment.

It's loaded with amusing anecdotes too.


Did anybody else enjoy it?






"Leave the gun - take the cannoli" - Peter Clemenza

War Is The Only Organized Activity Men Participate In That Women Don't Laugh At

Yes, That Is Me In The Profile Picture Ready To Climb Down the Cargo Net A Long Time Ago In A Place Far Away

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Yep, I very much enjoyed it. A reading memory I won't soon forget.

Wanted: Missouri Medals


I am always in search of Missouri Medals and Items. This could be anything from WW1, WW2, Prisoners of War, Ephemera, or anything pertaining to Missourians.


I thank you for your time and consideration.


-Without a witness, they just disappear.-




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You just reminded me I still really need to read this. I got a copy just a short while ago as a gift. I've always heard it's one of the greatest books you can read for not just WWII USMC, but in US military in general.

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That book is awesome. One of the best WWII books written. I liked it so much, I had to find a first edition myself. I actually found one that was signed personally by Eugene Sledge. I don't think there were that many books printed in the first edition, I think they are some what rare. Nobody ever thought that book would become part of a 10 part mini series.

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Yeah, that's a great book. Id recommend picking the books for the other 5 divisions too if you get the chance. They are invaluable for a USMC historian.


Agreed, I have all 6 first editions. Great reading and well worth the investment.





Collecting WWII Armor and Tank Destroyer Items

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I am at 1st div-4th div so far, hope to pick up 5th and 6th soon to have the complete set!



I Collect USMC WWII uniforms, gear, patches, insignia. medals and ribbons. I also sell and trade Militaria of primarily the U.S. Military.




Semper Fidelis-

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