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Collecting different modern camo patterns named to same soldier: a future niche?

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I was thinking the other day about the fact that if a career soldier had enlisted around 2003, give or take a year or two, that he or she would have worn at least three different camo patterns by the end of their careers: woodland with desert variant, universal, and multicam. This is assuming that a career soldier would serve their 20 years. Does anyone on the forum think that collecting uniforms of all three patterns named to the same person will become a niche for modern militaria collectors? Personally I think it'll happen one day but not anytime soon. I was just curious what others have to say.







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I have a theory about military camo. For a camouflage pattern to become collectable and have a value attached to it, it needs to be a "special" combat issued item. Since the current U.S. military issued uniform is a camo pattern, and has been for decades, I do not think it will be of any significance in the future. When a military issued item is meant for combat use it is issued in limited numbers and is often destroyed serving its purpose. Therefore, limited numbers in collectible condition are available. General issue items are plentiful for the collectors market and they do not have the attrition factor limiting its availability in the future.


Just my opinion.



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