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I try to pick up any unsual pillow topper if the price is right and the condition is above average.


This one fits the bill. It is not the typical style that has some sentiment, along with typical backgrounds and named to a base or post.


This shows a large bear throwing bombs at a map of Japan and the rising sun flag. The wording US ARMY ALASKA is on the front and on the rear is a represention of the blue and white star field from the US flag.


Condition is MINT.


This is the only one in my collection of over 300 toppers of this type.


From my personal collection.


Bob Frey

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Wow Bob that an awesome design someone made up.cool concept thumbsup.gif



Michael Sweeney--Researcher and Collector of WW2 77TH Division

If you have any named items to a 77th Division Soldier please contact me!!!


In memoroy of my Grandfather

Eugene Henry Sweeney

1st Lieutenant of the 306th

Infantry Regiment Company L -

Veteran of Guam and Leyte





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