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When did Spec. Mil-G-9087 first arrive for gloves?


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hello all,

please does know any of you when the Specification "Mil-G-9087" for the B-3A come out?, this detail still eludes me.


I've got a small collection of the (almost iconic, for me) B-3A summer gloves both WW2 and post-WW2, that includes some interesting examples as for color hues, sewing method, and makers. However still as of today I'm not able tracing the (more or less) correct introduction date for the '2nd generation' B-3A - those marked inside with the said Specification.

Such B-3A were meant for all the services: USAF, Navy (when so, they sported U-S-N on the back) and USMC. I believe they spanned the whole '60s and at least the first half of '70s, even though the newer fireproof GS/FRP gloves around 1970 had arrived on the scene, but I'm unsure about this pattern being in service as early as 1953-53? it look too early in my opinion.


I'm going to get one pair sporting US AIR FORCE + winged star printed on hands' back, but perhaps they would look uncorrect for a late Korean War mannequinn pilot.

Thanx in advance! - Franco.

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Maybe this will help:


3176-C Glove, Unlined, Leather, Flying, Type B-3A
(Superseded by MIL-G-9087 7 July 1953.

MIL-G-9087A Gloves, Flying, Leather, Summer, Type B-3A (Supersedes 3176) 5 November 1957


Note that the latter is for 9087A, so I would read 9087 as having been accepted on 7 July 1953, and the updated spec (9087A) as having been approved on 5 November, 1957.

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The grey B-3A gloves like the Army wore in the 60s were also that 9087A spec. I think the last contract on those was about 1968. 68 is also the first year I believe for the GS/FRP-1 Nomex gloves. The leather gloves def trucked on into the early 70s, at least I know from the Army side. All the Nomex flight suits and gloves were going straight to Vietnam. When my father returned back from Nam in mid 70, he was issued the K-2B flight suit and B-3A leather gloves again stateside. Wasn't til 1972 did he get Nomex stuff again.

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Thanx so much to both of you !! Rusty Canteen - yes I too, would read that way.


Rather, I wouldn't have figured out the Spec. was so a old one... I knew the very first B-3 were marked 3176, and the improved B-3A were respectively 3176 A, 3176 B and 3176 C . But I thought the Mil-G-9087 itself was very late in the '50s.

OK now it's clear the latter Spec. is uncorrect for a combat pilot in Korea in 1952 - 53.


Regards - Franco.

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