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Unusual Trench Knife and Scabbard Combo

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Just acquired what I would call an unusual trench knife and sheath set. When I first saw the blade I thought that sure looks like a Patton. I compared it to my 1913 model 1913 and found that the fuller end to the point matches, but there is a minimal fractional difference in the width as it tapers up. I don`t know if there were any variations in dimensions with the later year swords or not. Stacked leather handle, solid aluminium pinned pommel and brass guard. Blade is 8 1/4". LOA is 12 3/4". One could speculate about the marriage of the knife and the Garand scabbard.


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I have seen one of these before, however I might have just been seeing the same one you have now if it was recently on eBay. My initial reaction was also that it was a Patton saber blade, however from the picture I thought the dimensions seemed off also. Glad to see it again because it is a neat piece.



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