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ARVN helmet opinions?

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Not an expert, but I would always be skeptical because there are a lot of fakes and there are some pretty good fake ones out there. It is worth noting that this seems to be fairly well done and to be very similar to the helmet posted by this museum: http://rvnhs.com/museum/headgear/bietdongquanhelmet.html and this one posted on the forum previously: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/124779-arvn-ranger-helmet-m1-erdl/

. Either way it is still a pretty good example that would make a good display piece.



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Tons of fakes....It looks cool. But I'd say its repro.

Pvt. James H. Honey 1st Md. Eastern shore Vol. Inf. Co. D (union) Gettysburg
Pvt. George Eddie Lear 26th Inf. Co.H 1st Div .(WW1) P.H. WIA Cpl. Richard Elsea 268th C.A. Bn. Battery A. WW2 SSgt. Grant Elsea 314th Inf. Hq.Co. I.R.79thDiv. WW2
Cpl. Harry Lawrence Butler Jr 23rd Regt. WIA Korea Lt. George Olin Tilghman 111th MG. 29th Div. WW1 DIS France 1919

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most likely a reproduction, ARVN helmets are like Saving Private Ryan "Captan Miller" helmets


they keep reproducing the same helmet over and over, I really doubt it's original, cant be that many out there, most never made it back or were salvaged by the PAVN, repainted and reused.

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