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Stove, tent, Sibley.

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Outstanding! Wish had one 25 or more years ago when displaying WWI, and at MTA a few times.

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The CW Sibley stove was different in that the pipe went straight up and out the ring hole in the CW Sibley tent. It also had a little shelf for heating a cup etc. Sibley went with the South, and the US never paid any patent money for the many stoves used in the war and on the frontier.


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On 12/6/2018 at 6:24 PM, illinigander said:

The CW Sibley stove... also had a little shelf for heating a cup etc.


Had the tent during the reenacting days and it saw a lot of sierra NV & Great Basin desert use- warm and wind proof! The stove's ring was a separate unattached piece with 'L' shaped legs, flat on top and slightly angled verticals too match the stove's sloped wall. One could be made from the decorative pass through wall covers.




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