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Need help identifying Camillus "Kabar"


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My grandfather was in the ARMY during WWII. My father was in the NAVY in the 60's and early 70's on an aircraft carrier. This was with my fathers stuff.


I have been able to find a few similar blades but cannot find this particular sheath to identify it.


I am planning on cleaning this and trying to restore it.


I was curious if we could pinpoint the era this knife was from and if this particular sheath is available anywhere....I believe there is rust inside the sheath.


As of right now the only markings are U.S. CAMILLUS N.Y. on the blade.




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I love getting a knife in that "been there done that" condition and seeing how well it cleans up. Love to see it when you're done.

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Frank, thank you so much for the response! So it was a commercial production from 74-89...and not military. I dont feel so bad for ruining it now. I may find one to replace it though. Thanks again...super helpful!

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Well I hit it with leather cleaner and vinegar to remove surface rust and then used a 3M pad on it....Not sure how to get the rest off without scratching the blade....any suggestions would be grateful!!


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