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Help with USMC WWII rank...

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Theodore R. Wiebe US Navy, SN 393-26-00. In February 1938 he enlisted was a Seaman 1st Class on the Lexington according to muster rolls dated 31 December 1940. On 30 April 1941 he assigned to NAS Pearl Harbor and he held the rating as AOM3C (Aviation Ordnance man 3rd class) In June 1941 he was assigned to NAS (Naval Air Station Pearl Harbor) and held the rating of Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class. (This record was very hard to read). May 21, 1942 muster roll shows him on the USS Dobbin as and Aviation Ordnance man 2nd class. In June 1943 he was assigned to the Prince William and his rate was an Aviation Ordnance man 1st Class. Could not find too much more information but I just did a basic search..


Anthony John Kanclier enlisted in the Marine Corps SN 260517, on 5 August 1937. In July 1942 he was listed on the rosters as a Corporal in C Company Training Center at the Marine Barracks at Quantico VA. In July 1943 he is listed as a Sergeant with the Marine Detachment on the USS Lexington. On December 4, 1943 he was listed as being part of the Marine Detachment on the USS Lexington and was wounded in action. In April 1944 he is a Sergeant and is listed at the Marine Detachment, Marine Barracks at Puget Sound, Washington state. In October 1944 he is a Sergeant at the First Casual Company, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA.


I am having some connectivity issues right now so this is about all I can get for you for the time being..



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