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55 days at Peking

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how accurate was the movie for the U.S Marines standpoint? im interested in weapons and uniforms they used. Most color traits I have seen is of Marines wearing blue pants with leggings,.also seen them in full dress blues defending the wall. Thanks for the assistance

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As a kid I loved that movie, actually still do.


In all my years of re-enactment, that was a period I would have loved to do, but it is not easy to find equipment and uniforms. The Lee rifle is almost impossible.


I need to watch it again to watch for the mistakes, which I'm sure are there.



I welcome anything on US Army WW2 Railway Operating Bn, especially the 712th.

Researching visits of USS Niagara and USS Sacramento summer of 1864 in Antwerp.

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Confirmed photos of the Marines defenders at the Legation are few and far between. The first shot shows PVT Turner near the beginning of the siege. He is wearing his blue service dress, fore and aft field hat, with Winchester Lee rifle, bayonet, etc. the blue service dress is what they would have worn day to day unless on extended campgain. The next photo shows a Navy Petty Officer and two Marines resting under shelter during the siege. Leggings worn, but no jacket due to the heat. Instead the Cambray shirt, field scarf is seen just like they would have worn in the Philippines during the same time....the summer heat in North China was awful and the defenders and the relief forces suffered greatly. Photos at the start of the siege show Myers and Hall wearing patrol jackets with Fore and aft field hat. I think Charlton Heston came to Peking with a fuller wardrobe then Myers did.



Always looking for items associated with the China Marines! Visit chinamarine.org



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