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Remnants of a 429th TFS party suit

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Too bad this happened. No telling when it was done or by whom. Based on the squadron's history, this may have possibly been a circa 1972-1973 party suit. Looks like the 429th TFS was probably direct embroidered on the chest. The flag too was just cut away with the original material still on the back. The 347th TFW has a Velcro back so it may have come off a different garment.


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I agree with the time frame. But, you never know why the patches were removed. The suit could have been ruined and removing the patches saved something. I have had two like that, one with the legs eaten off and another used as a costume that was cut up and painted. The 3 patches were untouched though. If the suit wasn't compromised though it's a crime.



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Thanks Randy. The person I bought these from was not a military or patch collector and didn't know much about them. No telling who did it or why. For all I know it could have been the Vet himself maybe making a shadow box or frame display for his service. As you saw, maybe the suit was damaged so the insignia was salvaged and the rest trashed. Unfortunately no name or name tag was present.

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