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Early Fixed bail with Hand Painted 3rd Armor Liner?

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I purchased this helmet today, and I'm not sure who the paint represents. Could this be 3rd armor? It looks like there are letters on the three corners of the triangle. Possibly "C" "C" "P" The shell has an early 136 heat stamp along with 13-H-52 painted on the front. Would love to know some history on it.

Thanks guys!





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If it is a 3rd AD helmet, the letters are either CCB for Combat Command B or CCR for Combat Command Reserve. The more I look at it, the more it looks like the latter.


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Thank-you so much for the information. I'm not 100% sure if it is a CCB or a CCR. Are painted armored helmets uncommon, I don't recall seeing too many of them. I did a little research and found a discussion on how the CCR was used in WWII, since I didn't know anything about it. I found it to be pretty interesting and thought I would attach it for others to read.



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Painted armored helmets are very uncommon. It seems only some of the upper staff in some of the armored divisions painted their helmets.



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