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I received this M1 recently from Dupage and am wondering ... would this be an example of a stamp in the high position to accommodate a date (although no date has been stamped)? Thanks



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On the dated 1905 bayonets, I would think that a single stamp would have been used which had a date included. The date would not likely be stamped separately. (I am making the assumption that this is not a cut down 1905.) It is possible that this PAL M1 was one of the first ones made. I could see the machinist placing the top of the new stamp in the same position as the old dated stamp. That would leave a space at the bottom near the cross guard. Later, they would have positioned the stamp in what became the standard position. You have a good looking M1 there.


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Very nice! I'm amazed at the condition I've seen on not only my 2, but all the others I've seen. The CMP site where I first saw the info also has folks showings pictures of bayonets in the same condition. I'm really glad I could point fellow collectors in a good direction. Dupage Trading came through--Big Time! SKIP

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