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Best WWII OD Green (that isn't rapco)

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I have a few small projects for my truck that I want to paint WWII OD (rims and possibly a roof rack). I have bought several orders of the Rapco spray paint cans and they have been a nightmare, dripping all over the place. I cannot use a paint gun, so it has to be spray cans.

I have never had problems with rustoluem or krylon.

Do any of the more mainstream paint companies make a WWII OD spray paint?



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I have never used the Rapco (but heard it was popular), but I have used the 33070 paint that robinb mentioned. I thought the 33070 came out great! But of course with any paint, you have to make sure it is well mixed and ready to spray for the best results.


I don't have an update on the 33070, but I did a post about my first experience using Ron Fitzpatrick's red oxide barrier III primer here: https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=299360

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Here's a video my friend made that demonstrates the 33070 paint I used. I never got around to making a post on it, but I was happy with it.


The demonstration of the 33070 is at the 00:39 mark. If the video helps out, consider subscribing to his channel "Team G503" for more great videos from him. He is rebuilding a Willys MB, and documenting it on YouTube.


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