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Zenith Trans Oceanic Reciever Radio 520-A/URR

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This radio did not come to Pony via KK. This is the rarest ZTO ever made, only 3000-5000 were made. At some point a padded canvas case was made for some to be dropped into Cuba. The radio is marked with a front nomenclature plate, USA in red on the end. It has high end brass moisture resistant fuses and other upgrades over the civilian version. I started collecting upscale vintage watches and sold it. It sold on fleabay in 14 minutes with a BIN at a price several times what I paid for it! So swift self kick to the A$$, not for setting a too price, ($X000) but for letting it go!


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Nice! Bought a standard trans Oceanic couple years ago for $50. Friend just fixed my Dads Hallacrafter 36, need to have antenna put up for both.

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You’re right, Bob. Should have kept one. They are really cool radios. I have to say, the BC-348-Q actually is a much better receiver, even though older. But it’s apples and oranges, one portable, one not.


USARV72, it’s really nice to have your Dad’s Hallicrafter up and running. Those are great radios, built to last. And with a military look.

$50 for a ZTO that works is a great price. They usually go for $125-225, depending on the model, some civilian models worth much more more. You shouldn’t need an antenna for the ZTO, it has everything you need. You do need to use them away from dimmer switches, Fluorescent lights, surge protectors. They all cause interference and excessive static. Good luck and happy listening!

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