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USN AIrcraft Radio Reciever CCT- 46145 AM Radio

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Another radio that I bought from Pony Maples is a USN Aircraft Radio Receiver CCT-46145. KK and Pony referred to it as an ARC-5. Not sure why. As you can see from the nomenclature plate, it covers the AM spectrum. It also has an external power source and 1960s Radio Shack speaker. It did work over the entire AM band, now it only works on the lower half. KK said he salvaged it from a PBY in the aircraft graveyard.


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That model of receiver generally was used as an Intermediate Frequency receiver for a UHF converter that was part of a navigation system. The carriers and bases transmitted a signal in the 230 MHZ range and the converter's output was fed into that radio A Morse code signal, for example "A," was sent when the transmitter antenna rotated past due North. 5 degrees later a "B" was sent, and so forth. The pilot received the signal and if it was "A" he knew he was due north of his destination. :

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