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A WWII US Navy sweetheart hankie on the risque side.


Item was part of a WWII submariners estate.


Ya gotta love those sailors.


Very unusual to find WWII risque material today.


Bob Frey

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Yes i have a good sized card in my grandpa's photo album that is very dsecriptive in comparing female anatomy to day to day objects. I may post one day.




A collecter of photographs

Always looking for PTO related photos and photo albums. also looking for 134th CB USN and 711th railroad operating battalion photos and photo albums.


Mike Harpe



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oh brotherrr naughty.gif



Michael Sweeney--Researcher and Collector of WW2 77TH Division

If you have any named items to a 77th Division Soldier please contact me!!!


In memoroy of my Grandfather

Eugene Henry Sweeney

1st Lieutenant of the 306th

Infantry Regiment Company L -

Veteran of Guam and Leyte





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