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Please identify the jacket

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Hi there,


I'd like to receive info about the jacket (it is original, age and so on). Patch says: "Ensign J.D. Weimer". YKK Zipper




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The experts will chime in soon but to me that looks like one nice flyers jacket to me. A Navy flyer perhaps. If you lift up the back of the collar is there anything printed there?

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Interesting Jacket.


Bogen and Tennenbaum did make a run of navy flight jackets during WWII for contract AN-6552, however this isn't one of them


This is a later civilian style of jacket dating to the late 40s through the 1960s but it has somehow acquired a WWII B&T neck tag


B&T made jackets after the war but went out of business in approx 1951 so they perhaps made this one and used tags left over from the war


I saw this one on E-Bay and was curious, again it's not a military pattern but the tag is WWII for a completely different type of jacket


Tom Bowers

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