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The staff at US Militaria Forum is pleased to announce a new forum we have started, the World Militaria Forum. We wanted to bring to the collectors a world militaria based forum that would be as safe and as easy as the USMF. On this forum you can post any militaria items, except US items as you will be redirected back here to the USMF. We deciding after having the USMF running for twelve years it was time to dip our toes into the World Militaria field, as most of us do collect other items then just US.


If you are already a member here on USMF you will still need to join the new forum as we are going to run as separate entities but with mostly the same staff as we have here and a few new staff members to help in some of the larger sections.


We expect the new forum will be a great location to learn and post about all military items and it will be run as close as possible as to what we do here on USMF, meaning that there are rules and they will be followed. There will be no over the top arguing / fighting ad esp. no personal attacks like we see on other forums.


Thank you to all the members for making the USMF a safe and fun collecting forum and let's look forward to great things with the World Militaria Forum.







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