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Unknown German Medals found in Grandparents Basement


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My Grandfather (10th Mountain Div 605th Field Artillery) once had these on his wall and I found them in the basement five of six which I have ID already, I'm having trouble finding this one and a flag. Wondering if anyone can help. I think it has something to do with the Merenti Military Merit Cross I found.


1. 1765-A German States Bavaria 1 Thaler World Silver Coin

2. 1925 German propaganda medallion, Wir für euch, ihr für uns

3. Military Merit Cross (Bravaria)

4. War Mertit Cross 2nd Class with Sowrds 1939

5. Iron Cross 1914

6. ?

7. ?


There is also a flag or some sort my Grand-grandmother had put in the wash and shrunk it.



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No. 6 is a Bavarian Military Merit medal (Bayerischer Militär Verdienstorden). Many different variations do exist.




Could we see a larger pic of No. 5. Or may you post the medal's inscription.

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Nice finds, however these go on another forum. this is a US based forum.


Up front he identified his grandfather as a WW2 Veteran - the logical assumption that he's the one who brought these bring-backs home.


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