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WWI era Military Police baton


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Thanks for all the images...like the USMC group.


Also, that CT Home Guardsman has some pretty interesting accoutrements...

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Here is my purported WWI era "baton carrier".

It looks to me made from an old 19th century bayonet scabbard(?)...





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Being drunk on liberty and disorderly wouldn't pan out well with these 2 guys!



Interesting how low the neckerchief knot was then..you see it creep up all the way almost to the T shirt collar in WW2 to bottom of jumper V...and everywhere in between




When I was in , we were taught that the knot should fall directly at the the top of the V of the jumper collar.


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Great thread. This one was an estate sale pickup. Unmarked. No info from the sale. Short, with lead plugs. MP baton or....a fisherman's "Priest" for pacifying that large toothy fish thrashing around in the bottom of your boat?


Thanks, Al






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