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HS-8 SPH-3 helmet Mid 80s vintage

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Its been awhile since I have had anything worthwhile to post.

I found this SPH-3 helmet from HS-8 here locally at North Island Naval Air Station. They flew the SH-3 Sea King helicopter. Has the original owners initials JD on the back. Cool thing is that I may have known this guy! I was in HSL-35 at the same time this helmet would have been used. Quite possible we were in school together because I knew a guy that went by JD during training. Helmet is 100% complete although the foam in the earcups has seen better days, which is normal. Glad to finally found something worthwhile after a long drought.



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NIce piece. Man the Navy always gets me with their numerous ways to set up headset and mic cords on their helmets. Must be at least half a dozen different setups between different helmets and the various aircraft types. USAF and Army have a standard and then 2 other styles. Must be lots of Pig Tail adapter cords in the USN/USMC


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