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Marine and now he is in the Army - John S. Barrick Jr

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I bought these 2 photos (along with a bunch more) in 2004 at a little antique store for 50 cents. These 2 are 8 x 10's. I found the one photo to be especially interesting with his Marine patch on his right sleeve and large Navy/Marine type ribbon bars over his left chest. Looks like the top ribbon is a purple heart. From what I've been told, his Army uniform appears to be 1947-ish based on the use and placement of the branch insignia.




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Cool photo! Looks like he served with 9th, 14, and 17th Def. Bn's.

Looking for any WWII 104th "Timberwolf" Division items.

Including items from the 413th, 414th, and 415th Infantry Regiments 104th Recon Troop, 329th Engineer Battalion, 329th Medical Battalion

385th, 386th, 387th, and 929th Field Artillery Battalions 804th Ordnance Company 104th Quartermaster Company 104th Signal Company

555th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, 750th Tank Battalion 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion 817th Tank Destroyer Battalion



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Great foto, Hard to make out the lower collar discs, almost look like Branch Unassigned one's.two U.S. on the top, two branch ones on the bottom,


The foto cause it has these on the lower lapels will indeed date past 1947, December 1946 up till late 1951, October, then the Army goes back to wearing them in the old familiar way, U.S. on one side, branch on the other.


The Branch Unassigned or as it's sometimes called Branch Immaterial collar disc.





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