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Vietnam Era flight Suits with Integrated Flotation


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I picked up these two flight suits last week from the estate of a USN pilot, what makes them odd is they both have built-in flotation capabilities, which I hadn't seen before. In addition, the white one is made out of the experimental HT-1 fabric, which the Navy tested in the early 1960's & the flight suit is made to be worn over a torso harness (I thought the harness was always worn over the flight suit). Does anybody have some information these, where they something that the USN was testing for a while (I think the USN only tested the HT-1 fabric in 1961)?



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The green one is an USN MK5 integrated suit. The ACEL tested it during 1965-66. This was done to try to solve the navy flight life preservers size problem. MK5 remain a test item.

the other one tested was the MK6 that became the LPA family.




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